Partners / Supporters

Partners / Supporters

City of The Hague – Impact City

The Hague has one of the best-connected and fastest-growing impact ecosystems in Europe. Startups, scale-ups, international organisations, NGOs and social enterprises have exceptional networking opportunities with impact investors, government, academic institutions and corporations. Driven by the motto ‘doing good and doing business’, the city has an active policy driving innovation across all sectors. Leading by example is proof of ImpactCity’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The City of The Hague is helping us engage stakeholders by funding an information day that will take place in Q3/Q4 2021 (COVID permitting). They are also considering ways in which they can help us establish our prototype facility somewhere in the city. Learn more about ImpactCity.

Digital Engineering Pathfinders

Digital Engineering Pathfinders (DE Pathfinders) is an innovation consultancy located in The Hague, Netherlands that specializes in transitioning organizations from traditional capability development techniques to those based on Digital Engineering principles, tools, and techniques. The company focuses on helping organizations establish Digital Engineering / Concurrent Design environments and practices with a focus on Defence customers including the Dutch Ministry of Defence, NATO and the US Air Force. Currently, DE Pathfinders is also working closely with the Dutch Ministry of Defence to establish a Multinational Defence Innovation Ecosystem that will help European nations and their Allies do a better job coordinating short-cycle Defence innovation projects. The company is now also expanding to encompass climate change related projects as well with an emphasis on CO2 reduction and climate resilience projects for local and regional governments. DE Pathfinders is providing overall management for the CAC project in its early stages until the CAC Foundation is established. DE Pathfinders is also contributing conceptual work related to the establishment of the prototype CAC facility.

RHEA Group

RHEA is a multinational engineering services firm that offers manpower and technology to support a number of technical areas including Digital Engineering and Concurrent Design support to a wide variety of commercial and public sector clients including the European Space Agency and Dutch Ministry of Defence. Since our creation in 1992, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner, developing tailored solutions that help drive organizational and cultural initiatives, leading to sustainable added value for our customers. Our engineers and researchers are some of the most respected in our industries, providing unique capabilities for our clients’ missions and projects. Our headquarters is in Belgium and we have over 600 staff internationally. We have offices in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Switzerland and Canada with staff located at our offices and on clients’ premises. RHEA will provide facilitation of CD and DE sessions, creation of digital models to address specific problems, modeling software (COMET), and other types of support to specific projects. RHEA can also help us expand the concept to other nations in which they are located (e.g. UK, Canada, etc.).  Learn more about RHEA Group.

The Hague Business Agency (THBA)

THBA is a non-profit publicly funded organisation, that helps innovating business pioneers to strategically expand their business operations to Europe. We strive to consistently deliver measurable impact to The Hague’s economy. We empower international companies, by offering tailor-made programs and solutions allowing them to access local capital and talent pools.

With a large number of established as well as growing networks, city has the best value for companies in new energy, finance, legal & policy, IT & technology, impact economy and cyber security industries. The Hague Business Agency together with the Dutch government, academic society and many strong commercial partners are building the most nurturing ecosystem for startups, scale-ups and corporates.

The Hague Humanity Hub

The Humanity Hub is a not-for-profit foundation that supports and strengthens the Hague ecosystem for a more peaceful and just world. We facilitate collaboration and innovation by offering the necessary ingredients for chance encounters, inspirational collaborations, and the exchange of knowledge. The Humanity Hub offers flexible memberships to join an open and diverse community where innovation, co-creation and knowledge exchange are encouraged. A variety of inspiring workspaces and meeting rooms can be used for workshops, networking events or board meetings. Located in the heart of The Hague, the Humanity Hub is the ideal place for any event from a high exposure conference to an impactful launch. The Humanity Hub will be the location for an upcoming information day where we will explore concepts that underly the Climate Action Center with a variety of stakeholders. Additionally, the Hub team is helping to connect the CAC team to other resources within their network, especially within city, regional and national government. Learn more about The Hague Humanity Hub.

TU Delft – 3mE

The Graduate School of the TU Delft Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE GS) offers PhD candidates an opportunity to work closely with world-class researchers in a stimulating environment. By presenting an elaborate Doctoral Education training programme together with a challenging multi-disciplined research community, 3mE GS creates the possibility for PhD candidates to become excellent skilled researchers.The 3mE Graduate School assists 3mE PhD candidates during their PhD track and supports their supervisors by giving advice, and providing documentation about the (3mE) Graduate School procedures and regulations. To ensure a high quality Doctoral Education Programme, the 3mE Graduate School monitors the 3mE Doctoral Education Programme, offers faculty doctoral courses and operates as service desk for PhD related matters and questions. The Climate Action Center team is receiving advice and knowledge sharing from TU Delft faculty assigned to the 3mE GS.

World Startup

WorldStartup started in 2015 with the first accelerator programme for impact startups in The Hague. Since then, we have supported 100s of startups and acquired shares in more than 60 startups from across the world. We are a global entrepreneurship platform, aiming to accelerate the global transition to sustainable and equitable societies by enabling purpose-driven innovators to create successful ventures. We help governments, NGOs and businesses with entrepreneurial innovation, preferably in cooperation with startups. Our collective of startup support organisations offers innovators the training, tools, resources and networks to create long-standing and impactful ventures. In early 2020, we entered the next phase of our company development towards a truly global entrepreneurship platform together with local members, sharing the best services and growing a diverse, inclusive and truly global community of change agents. WorldStartup offers support during every stage of the startup journey, from awareness, exploration, validation to growth. We do this with specialised teams with decades of experience. Learn more about WorldStartup.