Is a fully-equipped facility required to get started?

No. While we see great value in having a facility that is custom designed to support Digital Engineering / Concurrent Design (DE/CD), it is not required. In fact, many organizations begin their journey into these improved ways of working by bringing teams together in a regular conference room equipped with a few projectors and a laptop computer for each of the participants.

Keeping this in mind, if your organization wishes to undertake DE/CD with teams that are geographically dispersed or if you anticipate that your organization will do more than 10 CD studies per year, having a dedicated facility of some nature will ultimately save time and result in lower costs.

The advanced collaboration facility depicted on our website and in this post is highly optimized to support “hyper-collaboration” of teams that are solving extremely difficult problems. If you are interested in learning more about building advanced collaboration facilities, please reach out to our partner Digital Engineering Pathfinders.

CAC facility