In which industries is Digital Engineering / Concurrent Design being used?

Although CAD / CAM has been around for many decades, true collaborative and concurrent Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) is still in its infancy.

The European Space Agency has been using Concurrent Design (a form of concurrent MBSE) since the late 1990s and with great success. Building on that success, CD has since been adopted by many organizations, including:

  • Large aerospace firms
  • NASA / JPL
  • A major European luxury yacht builder
  • Dutch Ministry of Defence
  • US Air Force and US Navy
  • Major manufacturers in the automotive and food service industries
  • Universities and academic organizations
  • … and many others

Of interest, however, we do not yet see major adoption of concurrent / collaborative MBSE within the municipal and regional sustainability and resiliency market. The CAC aims to fill this gap with a wide range of innovative solutions sourced from our partner network.