Digital Engineering Pathfinders

Digital Engineering Pathfinders (DE Pathfinders) is an innovation consultancy located in The Hague, Netherlands that specializes in transitioning organizations from traditional capability development techniques to those based on Digital Engineering principles, tools, and techniques. The company focuses on helping organizations establish Digital Engineering / Concurrent Design environments and practices with a focus on Defence customers including the Dutch Ministry of Defence, NATO and the US Air Force. Currently, DE Pathfinders is also working closely with the Dutch Ministry of Defence to establish a Multinational Defence Innovation Ecosystem that will help European nations and their Allies do a better job coordinating short-cycle Defence innovation projects. The company is now also expanding to encompass climate change related projects as well with an emphasis on CO2 reduction and climate resilience projects for local and regional governments. DE Pathfinders is providing overall management for the CAC project in its early stages until the CAC Foundation is established. DE Pathfinders is also contributing conceptual work related to the establishment of the prototype CAC facility.